If God be God, Serve Him

This has been an incredible month of ministry! In all of my years doing this, I may have just witnessed the most deliverance, salvations, and healing that I have ever seen in such a short period of time. To see the power of God unleashed this way, is truly fantastic to behold. It hasn’t come without it’s share of warfare, but when satan comes on strong, the Holy Spirit shows himself even more abundantly powerful on our behalf.


A few weeks ago, we were headed to a church for a much anticipated weekend of ministry, revival and awakening. The guest speaker and I were informed by the pastor that a group of satanists were planning to come against our event. They blamed the church for leading one of their young women to Christ a few weeks prior. She called the pastor with questions, because none of the Satanic rituals that they performed would work against the church. Because of this, she wanted to know about this power they had to protect themselves. Well, he told her all about it… and she soon accepted the Lord as Savior! Hallelujah!!! Since then, she had to go to into hiding so she wouldn’t be killed. Please pray for her and her walk with the Lord. The Satanic temple was extremely angry and wanted revenge, which made our upcoming weekend event a major target.


As Christians, we know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but when you are personally informed that you are going to be attacked spiritually by Satanists, it brings an extra awareness of this realty. Well, let me tell you… not only did the glory of God fall, but the weekend ended up being one of the most powerful experiences that most of us have ever been part of! The deliverances and miracles were astounding and we were completely drenched in the power and presence of the Almighty! The reality IS… there is no contest between powers! WE serve the one true God, the great I AM, Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer, the Ancient of Days, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! No principality, spiritual being, rulers or powers in this present world can touch or even come close to his majesty, greatness and reality that he alone is God. Elijah said it best, when he questioned the people on whom they would serve. He said, “How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him.” -1 Kings 18:21 May we be true followers of Christ. Not believing in one, yet serving another… but fully yielded to the living God!


I want to thank you all who have contributed to our RV fund. I am blown away and overwhelmed by your outpouring of love and support. Thank you for helping us, partnering with us, and praying for us. We are getting closer to our goal every day! If you would like to help, there is still time. Just go to our “Give, Send, Go” ministry page. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and know that you are an answered prayer for us. God is doing amazing things… may we give him the glory forever!


“O sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath done marvelous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.” -Psalm 98:1


Sending all our love and hope to see you soon!!
In Christ,
Brett & the boys